Guaranteed Rent No Risk No Stress

2-5 Years Contracts

Rent Payable Two Monthly in Advance

Rent Guaranteed for 2-5 Years (No Voids/ Repairs or Expenses)

Net rent will be paid regardless of any non payment of rent by third party tenant or voids

No Repair Costs or any other Costs up to £ 150 Per repair. Any cost over £ 150 must be authorised by the landlord

Legal Fees Paid (for non payment of rent claims)

Commission Based Management No Risk More Stress

2 Years Contract

Property will be Let within 72 Hours

5 % Full Management Fee

Rent will be paid on Time (No excuses) for Two Years regardless of any Voids/ Non Payment of Rent by 3rd party Tenant

Landlord responsible for all Repairs including minor repairs

Open Market Lets High Risk More Stress

Higher Rents

Let to 100% Professional Tenants

Property will be inspected on monthly basis

Free Reference Checks

Property will be let within 7 Days

5 % Full Management Fee

Rent will be paid on Time straightaway the tenants paid rent

Landlord responsible for all Repairs and Costs including legal fees

6-12 Months Contracts

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